Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I saw this idea on Pinterest, but made my own game boards. The child uses dice for this. One die for the 1-6 boards and 2 dice for the 1-12 boards. Originally it was just a 1-6 board, but I wanted to go higher, yet if you just do a 1-12 board with 2 dice, you can't ever get one. So I did it this way. I glued a circle to start with and (I traced a shortening lid)  then added features, using scrapbook paper scraps. I also used odds and ends of stickers I had on hand. The google eyes are  the glue-on kind and the child counts the number on the dice, then puts on that many eyes. Later if you want to, you can have them lay the dice on the word that matches the number. I haven't laminated these yet, but plan to. I made them from cardstock because I wanted them to fit into a notebook that has other preschool worksheets. I will buy a pencil case that fits into a 3-ring binder to hold the google eyes and the dice. Instead of using regular dice, I am going to make one from a block of wood with numerals instead of dots to count, as they are counting the eyes and I want them also recognizing the numerals. I think this will be a fun math activity for pre-schoolers. Another tip is to put more than 12 eyes in the bag, so that they can't just use all the remaining eyes instead of counting them out.