Monday, March 24, 2014


I found some Easter material that I liked, so I made some Easter napkins. ( I actually had the idea to do these several years ago.) Then I had the idea to buy wood eggs and paint them like the eggs on the napkins.I used acrylic paints and sprayed it with a clear gloss. I did use some artistic license in painting the eggs, they aren't exact copies from the napkin print. Sometimes I put these in a small Easter basket I have; sometimes I put the eggs in the bottom of a clear glass vase and put fake Calla lilies in the vase. I am glad I did these, because they have been fun at Easter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


This is my latest cloth book for the babies. (I always make two.) It's easier to take pictures before I sew the pages into the cover. These babies are felt, and the pages are heavy pellon. I have used buttons, beads, ribbon and embroidery for the details. The trick is to use what you already have on hand, if you can. At times I have used patterned felt. I brush powdered blush onto the babies' cheeks. I have frayed the yarn to make finer hair.

This is the cover. I used regular cloth with a pellon insert to stiffen it.
Patterns ( I realized I forgot to fix the arm on the hugging baby. Please do make the arms the same size. :s)

Friday, March 7, 2014


Okay, I realize that I have a needlebook and pincushions, but I wanted this needlecase, too. There may not be many others who would even want one, but when I sew and do embroidery, I leave needles threaded with different colors of thread, especially when I am working on such projects as the little cloth books I make.
So I made a pincushion just for putting these kinds of needles in, and then I felt like it needed something more to protect me from all the sharp ends when it is in my "project case". By coincidence it fit exactly into the traveling case you buy for soap. I got mine for 97 cents at WalMart and it even matched the scraps I used to make the needle cushion.
I am really glad I did this. It makes my projects go more smoothly.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


I made this "game" for the class I teach at church. (3 year olds turning 4) The bags are made of felt, and the cards actually came from a clip art book I have, which I copied on cardstock, but you could also do it with magazine pictures of what is healthy for your body and what is not. The children choose a card and put it in the black bag if it is not good for your body, in the other bag if it is.