Friday, March 7, 2014


Okay, I realize that I have a needlebook and pincushions, but I wanted this needlecase, too. There may not be many others who would even want one, but when I sew and do embroidery, I leave needles threaded with different colors of thread, especially when I am working on such projects as the little cloth books I make.
So I made a pincushion just for putting these kinds of needles in, and then I felt like it needed something more to protect me from all the sharp ends when it is in my "project case". By coincidence it fit exactly into the traveling case you buy for soap. I got mine for 97 cents at WalMart and it even matched the scraps I used to make the needle cushion.
I am really glad I did this. It makes my projects go more smoothly.

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  1. I use the needle book you made me, and just have different colored threads stringing out the bottom. lol But I would like some kind of case for my scissors, so I might start working on that. I just don't want to sit down and accidentally stab myself. lol