Sunday, July 20, 2014


Don't ask me why I wanted to make an owl, but I did. I think it was because I found 2 sets of owl eyes on clearance prices. :) I have kicked myself since for not putting that crinkle material in the feet (because my daughter had some of it), but it is not too late for someone else who wants to do it. I made the body of cotton, with a heavy pellon lining for the front to anchor the eyes.
You have to cut the front piece to attach the ribbon taggies. They are the "feathers". Depending on the seam allowance you do, you might have to trim the front to match the back. It's okay - I had to.
I wanted the wings to be soft, and I had some yellow fleece, so they are made of fleece, and positioned so that the wings can cover the eyes for "peek-a-boo:. The feet tops are made of fleece, with cotton for the bottoms. You need to sew the beak, wings, feet and attach eyes to the front before you sew the inner body. When you sew the back to the front, leave an opening along the bottom to turn right side out. I started at the ear, quit at where I wanted the opening, then started sewing again at the other ear to make it right.
I stuffed the owl with toy stuffing and hand sewed the opening shut.

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