Friday, January 23, 2015


Years ago I was at a friend's during the Christmas season, and saw a scrapbook she had made. She had covered a 3-ring binder with cloth (slightly padded) and made pages of family photos and the Christmas card photos for each Christmas for many years,
I loved it so much I made my  own, scrounging past pictures and cards the best I could. I also make my own Christmas cards and include one of those. I have filled 2 books now, and just finished making a 3rd for next year's Christmas (although I couldn't find Christmas material anywhere so opted for this dark blue with stars) and I thought I'd enjoy the idea. I used a yard of material, which allowed me to make a cover that sips over the ends like a book jacket. Leave enough seam allowance and sew in your padding, such as a heavy pellon, as you go. Scrapbook the pages any way you wish,but I always do mine with the aim to fit as much on a page as I can, and if I have 2-sided photo cards, I put them into clear page protectors just like that. 
I do use clear page protectors on every page, though. I also cut up other Christmas cards and use pieces of them here and there in the little empty spaces that won't hold anything else.
We love these books that hold so many wonderful memories of friends and family.

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