Thursday, October 8, 2015


I saw a crochet case on Pinterest and decided I wanted to make one. It is similar to this, but not exact. I made some changes. Also, I am brave (stupid?) to post this, because I made about a bazillion mistakes on it (ha-ha, you think I am kidding), but I am keeping it, mistakes and all, as it will serve my purpose. The weird thing is that I don't really crochet, but I have kinda/sorta stumbled through a few things, like an afghan once, and crocheting around burp cloths a couple of times. However, I do have learning to crochet on my bucket list, and I do want to save the few crochet hooks I do have.'This material is just cotton with a heavy pellon filler. I wasn't prepared for the sewing of the hook places to pucker the material like it did here, but I am not sure how to prevent it either.  Most of the materials were left over from other projects, and this went together fairly quickly, so I am happy with it and will have these together now where I can find them easily.

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