Monday, January 16, 2017


I saw the ABC game on Pinterest and decided to make it. I bought the metal boxes at a second hand store, but plan to watch for one like the ABC activity for the number activity. The words and numbers are put onto tongue depressors with a magnet glued onto the back. They are stored in Ziploc bags. I put the word on with permanent marker. You put up a word and the child finds the letters to spell it underneath.
For the number game I wrote out the word and put that many stickers onto the tongue depressors. Be careful when you put on the stickers - bigger ones are best for the lower numbers and little ones for the larger numbers, and fitting them all on can be a challenge. I did mod podge the stickers on so they won't fall off. You can buy a small bottle of that for about $3 and it only takes a small amount.
I bought the letter and numbers in the same bags, paying $1.50/bag (they were on clearance). I bought 5 bags so there would be enough letters to spell names and words. My 3 year old granddaughter has played with this for hours, and it is educational. They are also easily stored. If you don't have a big enough box to play on the lid, let them play on a larger magnet board or the fridge.

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