Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Sometimes I get these little bees in my bonnet and make things like this. :) I had the idea to make the Big Book of Boo Boos for an almost  2 year old granddaughter who is crazy about Doc McStuffins right now, and this is what I came up with:
This is a little purple notebook I bought at WalMart for 97 cents. I had some glittery hearts from last year's valentine project, which came in a package from the Dollar Tree.
Here are the pages:
I copied these on cardstock, cut them into pieces for the pages and glued them in. I did not glue anything on the backs of the pages. Also, the cardstock does not fill the page, so if you want it to, run off the pictures, cut them out and position them onto typing paper for your master. You can also just use paper, but I wanted the pages a little stiffer since my granddaughter is young.
I did some pictures at the end that don't have a diagnosis on them, but the others are actually Doc's names for the condition. I had fun with this and decided to share with anyone else who might be interested in doing this.


  1. hi how did you find these as colouring pages are did you use a software that made them this way, as all I can find are the one pre coloured in

  2. I drew them. I think you can print them off from here, that is why I posted them - for people to use if they want.

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  4. These are so adorable! I'm going to print them off for Havyn, she loves Doc McStuffins! Thank you for sharing!