Tuesday, March 8, 2016


My little granddaughter got the new baby doll on Doc McStuffins today. She has played and played with it all day. I had some tiny bottles on hand from the store (baby shower supplies) and I gave her one. Also we made a blanket out of fleece. (not pictured) I kept thinking and thinking of how we could make a baby bed for her, and it came to me to cut down a Crystal Light package. (This is actually from the Great Value brand of the drink.) I just cut it down to size with scissors, then laid it down on 2 pieces of material to make a mattress, leaving enough around the sides for seam allowance.I stuffed it with some stuffing I had on hand, and it made it too thick for the bed I'd cut down, so I sewed stitches here and there to pull the bulk down, and it worked. I put heart stickers on, one inside and one outside. The outside one is not shown. These are puffy heart stickers and I am not sure they are going to stay on, so I may have to replace them with normal, flat stickers. This was a very quick project, but my granddaughter was very happy to get it. I think this little doll is going to be very popular as the newest Doc toy, so I thought I would share.

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