Wednesday, January 29, 2014


This is a small diaper bag sized book. The pages are heavy pellon, and the pictures are cut out of felt and sewed on by hand with a blanket stitch. Most of these have black beads for eyes, unless noted, and some details are embroidered. The animal name and sound are embroidered with a chain stitch.
I put 2 pages per piece of pellon, and then doubled it over. Each piece is half the size of a sheet of typing paper.
I sewed 3 pages together at a time on the cut ends, and then sewed those pieces together. The cover is a piece of quilted material that I sewed seam binding around. I opened the sewn pages up to the middle, then centered the pages on the cover, sewing in and out to sew the pages in up the back of the "spine" of the cover, making sure that the stitches showing on the cover were small.
Page patterns: