Friday, January 31, 2014


One of my daughters gave me this burp cloth pattern. She and I have made a whole pile of these, because with her baby, we need them! :) I folded the pattern in half to trace it onto typing paper so it can be printed off here, but I would advise doing it on a large sheet of paper so you lay the long pattern on your cloth. I made my pattern on some of that paper you buy on a roll at office supply stores. I guess you could do it on wax paper in a pinch. I wanted to make a lot of these, so I bought about 1 1/8 yard of each color to make 8 burp cloths. I used different material front and back, just for interest. Leave a couple of inches open on the curve so you can turn it right side out. Clip the seams on the curve before turning. Then blind stitch the opening when it is right side out.
When you lay it out to pin and cut, start on the open edge and cut them close together, If you do this, you can fold the pattern in half lengthwise and get one more burp cloth out of the material.

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  1. I like the fabric that you used. I was given some that had lace around them, and it kind of got in our faces. Also, I would consider making some with more "mommy" fabric. I always looked at it as being something I wore, not something the baby wore, so I would consider buying fabric that looked good one ME :)