Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PEG PEOPLE (Not for Children Who Put Objects in Their Mouths.)

I had someone ask me to put my peg people on this site. I did not come up with the idea for these super heroes, these came from Pinterest, but I did make these. I have found the best and cheapest place to buy these wood forms is Hobby Lobby. I paint them with acrylic paints and spray a coat of clear (glossy) acrylic spray over the top.
Some of these Disney princesses also came from Pinterest, but I did add a few that I came up with, such as the one from BRAVE,
A couple of the Harry Potter people came from Pinterest, but I came up with the majority of them because, yes, I am a Harry Potter fan. I think I did these more for me than the kids. :)
Because the granddaughters complained that the Disney princesses had no one to dance with, I had to come up with Disney Princes, too. I looked at children's books to come up with these.
I found some tiny peg forms, so I came up with Tinkerbelle and some of her friends.
These are actually the first peg people I painted, and they were for a castle I made of various shaped boxes, which has long since died and gone to paper castle heaven. Don't worry, I found a plastic castle for them at a second hand store.
I don't have patterns for these and wouldn't even know how to go about making one, really, but you can click to enlarge and look at the details if you want to make some. I think you could print these off to look at.


  1. I have some of these unpainted--just waiting for the inspiration to do them, since I seem to have the time now. I always wanted to paint them to look like my grandkids. I'll see if that happens.
    I like this blog--you are so creative and talented!

  2. It would be so cute to paint them to look like your grandchildren! They would love those.