Thursday, February 6, 2014


Don't ask me why I wanted a hedgehog pincushion, but I did. I have a larger pin cushion that I use, that was given me for my wedding years and years ago, but I wanted a smaller one for my sewing basket. So now I am kind of like Hermione in the Harry Potter books, only she turned her teacup into a hedgehog, and I used fabric scraps. :)
These are fleece scraps, but I think most fabrics would work for this, The photo isn't clear enough to really show this, but she has a flower tucked behind one ear and a pink bow on the back of her. Her eyes are black beads.
Sew the face pieces together and then the body pieces together on one main seam, leaving the bottom open. Then sew the face and body together before you finish. You need to leave an opening in the bottom to turn it and stuff it. Be sure you clip the curve seams first.
The nose is embroidered in black.
I placed a quarter next to it so you can get an idea of size.
This doesn't take much time to make, and it makes me smile every time I see it, so it was worth the time. Plus I use it all the time for my craft projects.

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  1. When I was in junior high, my best friend gave me a pin cushion that she had made. It had mushrooms embroidered on the top. I remember being so impressed that she made it, and I felt like it was superior to the gift I gave her. I kept it for many years, but I think my daughter uses it now. She also has my fishing creel sewing kit. :)