Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thread Catcher

Okay...don't ask me why I wanted a thread catcher, but I did. In years past, I just taped a paper sack to the side of my sewing table and used that until it was full, but lately I haven't done even that.
I used scraps left over from the cloth book covers, since I have given them away and don't have anything for myself with this material. This is a quilted material.
I traced around a large canning jar lid for the bottom. I sewed double fold wide bias tape around the side,  then cut a rectangle piece around it, leaving enough in back for a seam to sew up the side.
I then sewed the bias tape up the sides of another rectangle piece, and folding the bottom under, sewed it to the thread catcher. The buttons are sewed on top, purely decorative.
I then cut a rectangle for a pin cushion. The pin cushion is filled with sand to do double duty - to sharpen needles and pins, but also to weight the thread catcher down. I made the seam come up the back, and then just tacked down the 4 corners. I did add the lady bug and bluebird buttons to the front of the thread catcher for fun, because I had them left over from another project.
This project wasn't very time consuming and I am glad I did it, because it will make me smile when I am using the sewing machine. :)  And all those cut off threads will have a place to go for awhile.

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